Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows – Review

August 26, 2017

In a beauty market that’s loaded with products, there are only a few that make a difference and deserve the MUST-HAVE status. I genuinely like products that have notable advantages like improved textures, resistant quality packages, unique and easy to use applicators that are also time saving.

Legendary Brows by Charlotte Tilbury meets the above criteria and I do not exaggerate by saying it’s great. With it’s micro wand this tinted brow mascara coats each hair, even the tiniest ones, while gently touching the skin and filling tiny gaps (and this in no time, it’s perfect for moments when you’re on the run). It is also the most resistant, yet flexible brow mascara I’ve used (due to the wax it contains), unlike others that create a stiff look and the product breaks into small flakes.

You can see in the picture below the difference between the Legendary Brows wand, a regular mascara and a brow gel wand. I chose the shade Linda, but it comes in 2 more beautiful shades with an ashy undertone, that keep you away from the reddish brow look. For people with over-plucked eyebrows that only have a few hairs left you might also need a pencil or brow pomade, but for everyone else it works by itself, it’s the bomb.



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