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3 Mistakes that make your skin more sensitive

April 12, 2017

More and more people I meet and work with, complain about skin issues, especially the fact that their complexion is more fragile and easily gets blotchy and red. Here you have three common mistakes that aggravate your condition:

 1. Scrubing. When you use a product that has exfoliating beads (no matter how small or fine) you put too much pressure on the skin’s fine veins and you will get broken capillaries sooner or later. How do I know it? I tested it on my own skin and although I used a fine scrub, only once a week, it still happened. Broken veins on your face is something that you don’t want, trust me (for the body scrubs are ok, but for the face avoid them as much as possible).

Alternative: Use soft peels or an exfoliating toner that has a small amount of lactic or glycolic acid. Salicylic acid can be an option as well, for combination to oily skin. I will write an article on this topic soon.

2. Not reading the ingredients list. So you end up again with a moisturizer that stings your face. Many products (from cleansers to moisturizers) that are destined for sensitive skin contain fragrance and it simply shouldn’t be there (for no skin type!). Another harsh chemical added is sodium hydroxide which is nothing else than caustic soda, a corrosive substance that amplifies redness and sensitivity over time. These are not the only culprits for increased sensitivity (there are many other damaging substances), just two of them, that I avoid constantly.

Alternative: Pay attention to what you’re buying, read the label and search the internet about harmful cosmetic components. Ask questions and become an informed consumer.

3. Using wipes to cleanse or to take make-up off can be quite rough for the complexion, it usually triggers sensitivity and makes the skin flare up quickly. I only have them in my kit to make a soft peel, removing dry patches from the lips.

Alternative: Micellar water, milk or gel cleansers are much more appropriate and gentle ways to remove make-up. Whether you choose a product to rinse off or not, go for the mildest version you can find ( example: a cleanser that’s fragrance free, paraben free, sodium hydroxide free would be a good choice).

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